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Words of Appreciation

This page is for parents who have used the RMB remembrance photography service and also for staff who have recommended our service too. Please feel free to add any comments you may have regarding your experience of using our service.

Thank you.

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What an amazing service! As a student midwife I helped to deliver a still born baby. The mother desperately wanted pictures taken. The midwife I was working with and I tried and tried but none of the pictures we took managed to capture how beautiful her baby was. I am sure I will have use of your services in the future. You will make an enormous difference to parents at such a difficult time. Thank you!

April 11, 2015   

I never realised at the time just how much I would appreciate the wonderful photos taken at such a sad time. Alfie Benjamin was only with us for 14 days and spent this time in NICU so having photos capturing both the first and last time we held him in our arms is beautiful. Thank you so much Kim, Catherine & Michael xx

February 11, 2016   

Thank you for the wonderful photographs of my grandson Alex. He was only with us for 14 hours but the photographs will help his memory last forever.

December 30, 2014   

We would like to take this opportunity to thank, from the bottom of our hearts

mark Hemans

Words cannot express how professional, caring and comforting he was during our photo shoot with Dylan. He was passionate yet sympathetic and made us feel very special , taking the time to really appreciate our little boy.

Mark has given us the opportunity to remember our little boy and we will never forget how remarkable he was.

If I can just emphasis this experience to other parents out there who are going through the same trauma of loosing a child but who feel the photo shoot isn't for them, which we did at first, please re think, you will never get anouther opportunity and as scared as we were, we're are over the moon that we had them done.

Once again thank you so much mark.

What you all do at remember my baby is amazing and thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Love from kate and andy

May 11, 2017   

So happy with our photographs of James. Ruth truly is a fantastic photographer as she captured our boy beautifully! Definitely makes me feel closer to my boy having these to look at. Would recommend to anyone that finds themselves in this difficult situation to have some images taken as it really was one of my best decisions to date! Keep up the good work. Rip my beautiful angel James ⭐

November 7, 2014   

Along with their foot and hand prints, the photographs of our two wonderful boys, Finn and Jude are the most precious things we own and capture their spirit and beauty for us to share and treasure always.

We’d really to thank Carlo who sped down to our hospital and was so patient and kind during a blurred and painful time. His accompanying message with our photographs when they arrived is further testimony to all the goodness that exists in the world when it suddenly grows a little bit darker.

Thank you so much for creating beautiful, indelible memories and for the comfort these has given us and will continue to in the many years to come; the work you do is profound and invaluable.

September 14, 2016   

The beautiful photographs that were taken shortly after our precious baby girl Ava was born sleeping, are some of our most treasured possessions. We will never forget the kindness and respect we were shown. Thank you for the bottom of our broken hearts to RMB and Nahomie Hann, who was at the hospital within an hour of being asked to come and stayed until after midnight. It's an incredibly hard, but worthy job you do. X

September 8, 2016   

Can't put into words how much these photos mean to me, nik and our family. Loosing our baby boy has got to be the hardest most devisating thing to happen to us, with the help of RMB (Nicky & fiona) we have the most beatiful photos that we can forever cherish. Can't thank you enough Xx

September 17, 2016   

The loss of a baby is one of the most difficult events in life that parents and families will face. Good memories have an integral role in grief and recovery. When a baby dies there is often very little time to make memories therefore memory building becomes a vital component of the short time parents have with their baby. These memories will be enhanced with keepsakes such as hand prints, footprints and photographs. Professional photography can help to build memories by sensitively capturing beautiful images of a baby and family. We are so pleased to be able to offer this invaluable service to parents.

Our volunteer photographer is readily available, professional and understanding of the needs of families. She will spend time with families to discuss their wishes and sensitively take a large selection of photographs. The photographs have mostly been taken in our bereavement suites in labour ward and the neonatal unit but on also on occasion in the community. Our photographer has always been able to invest time to capture beautiful black and white images which in some circumstances would have been challenging for parents and staff to accomplish. The family receive the images on a DVD format for them to view, print and share at a time that is right for them.

I have no doubt that this service has helped many parents in their journey through grief by providing positive lasting images which aid comfort and healing. The feedback from parents is always excellent with these photographs being the most treasured of parents’ possessions.

Our photographer has also taken time to attend staff training days to explain her role, answer questions and provide valuable feedback. This helped to raise the profile of the service enormously as staff were able to see the finished results and can now recommend the service to families in their care.
Daryl Mallis, Maternity and Neonatal Bereavement Counsellor, December 13, 2014, Neonatal Unit, Ninewells Hospital Dundee

December 13, 2014    Neonatal Unit Ninewells Hospital Dundee   

We would like to thank Ruth at RMB for taking the time to do the photoshoot for us when our perfect baby girl was born sleeping, we now have the most perfect images and a video that we will treasure forever. I honestly think this is an amazing charity, we can't thank you enough, we are going to encourage family, friends to donate £5 per month for a usb, every little helps.

November 23, 2015   

At such a difficult time the photos that Lyn took of our beautiful Rosie are bringing so much comfort. Looking at them makes me feel like I am holding her again. The way Lyn treated my daughter with such love and compassion was incredible. There is no greater gift than photos of a loved one you can no longer hold, I look at them every day.

November 2, 2015   

We sadly lost our son shortly after he was delivered by C section on 13th October 15. Our baby boy Logan John lee sadly didn't live and our lives were suddenly shattered, it was so unexpected.
Our lovely midwife told us about a volunteer photographer that could come in and take some professional photos for us if we wanted that and we thought this would be lovely to have so accepted.
We didn't realise at the time that this was a charity but when Tara our photographer came and took our beautiful pictures she was amazing and it is such a fabulous service that you provide. We now have such wonderful memories captured of our little boy that we can treasure forever and bring us some comfort.
When you loose your baby, you don't think straight at the time so having these photos taken makes such a difference, capturing the little details you don't think about.
We are so very grateful to Tara and Remember My Baby, Thank you

November 11, 2015   

Thank you to RMB and Deb Underhill who did a great job of capturing some beautiful moments of our little angel Rian.
There are not enough words that can explain how much these the pictures mean to our family.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts x

May 6, 2015   

Thank you to Kim from Remember My Baby for coming out to give us such precious photos of our Elva Isobel. She was very sensitive and kind. We have some truly precious photos and this is a fab service ive told my friends about.

November 7, 2014   

great service we are able to remember our son joseph michael berman

May 6, 2017   

Thank you so much for our wonderful memories - both the photos and the DVD with photos and music ( you are my sunshine ) are so sacred to me, you have helped me in my grief and my family and I will never forget your kindness.
In memory of Maisey Rose Lay 05.12.15

June 8, 2015   

Hi my name is Stephanie and on the 12th september 2015 my beautiful daughter was born sleeping into this world. That day I was approached by my midwife who told me about RMB and would I like some photos of Iona Rose. I agreed not really knowing what to expect. The next day Ruth Trotter came and spent time with myself and Iona Rose she captured beautiful moments between myself and my sweet angel Ruth treated us with such kindness and respect it is a beautiful memory i will cherish forever. I would encourage any parent that finds themselves in this other world that none of us want to be a part of but we are to take comfort in this wonderful selfless charity. You are giving families images we could not capture ourselves it is a wonderful gift. Photographs are precious as along with a tiny pink dress and hand and footprints these are what i will carry throughout my life along with all the never ending love I have to say my beautiful daughter was here to say i am a mother to 3 children not 2 to say she touched our family in a way no other could and will always be a part of it. Thank you RMB Stephanie kemlo xx

November 2, 2015   

Those at Remember my Baby edited my own photos of our stillborn son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely images, I don't have words to describe how beautiful they are.

I'm so pleased to finally have pictures that we can share without fear of upsetting people. Isaac will now have pride of place on display in the lounge instead of being hidden away-my baby will be remembered!

July 7, 2015   

Amazing, amazing is all I can say.

September 10, 2015   

Dear Jocelyn,

I would like to thank you profusely for the beautiful photos of our baby Mia. The suggestion from the nurses at the time horrified me, but my husband persuaded me this could be a good thing. I’m so glad I agreed.

You have given me some beautiful images to treasure at an impossible time in my life. So much so that Mia is now centre of my living room and I can look at her beautifully captured face everyday and this is making the hurt and pain ease.

Thank you so much for your time. If there is absolutely anything I can do to repay you, please do not hesitate to ask.

It’s a very special thing you do.

Lots of love

Helen S

October 11, 2014   

When we lost our beautiful baby boy the hospital told us about Kim and what she does as a volunteer at first my first reaction was no - but after listening a little more and seeing Kim's work we changed our minds.

Best decision we ever made -

Kim was very gentle with Leighton, put both of our minds and ease and did not pressure us into anything!

Her photos were amazing, we really can't thank her enough - because of this service we have the most amazing pictures of our baby that we can look back on in years to come.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Thank you once again

Donna and Steven xx

February 3, 2016   

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