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Disclaimer: Please note that RMB is not responsible for the content of any linked external websites. The inclusion of a link below does not necessarily imply RMB’s endorsement of  any linked websites.

Counselling Directory ~ Counselling Directory was set up by a team who know how difficult it can be to find support. Through our own experiences of mental health issues, we have learnt how important having relevant information is and how the right support can help transform lives. Our team is passionate about counselling and we want to promote the huge benefits talk therapy can have.

Grieving Parents Support Network ~ The Grieving Parents Support (GPS) Network’s intention is to facilitate bereaved parents to support and uplift other bereaved parents. We are here to bring about a change in how the world views and reacts to grieving in general and specifically in the area of parental bereavement.

Dresses for Angels ~ In memory of our beautiful daughter Lillie Grace who was sadly stillborn at full term on 10th October 2015, we are collecting wedding, bridesmaid and prom dresses to be made into angel funeral gowns for babies who have passed too soon.

Aidan’s Elephants ~ Parents Helen and Gurjit founded the charity ‘Aidan’s Elephants’ in memory of their baby son Aidan. Aidan’s Elephants is a non-profit organisation that supports bereaved parents and provides bereavement care support to Airedale General Hospital.  Please read more about Aidan’s Story by clicking here.

Funeral Services Guide ~ Funeral Services is a completely independent resource for advice, helping the public to find services for in life planning, arranging a funeral, remembrance and coping with the bereavement of a loved one.

The Jude Brady Foundation ~ The Jude Brady Foundation was set up in 2008 in memory of Peter and Lynn Brady’s second son Jude who was stillborn in 2006. The Jude Brady Foundation exists to create a lasting legacy to a son that very few people got the chance to meet but who has made a huge difference to so many already.

The foundation’s main priorities are to raise awareness of stillbirth and neonatal death and funds for child related good causes, and help reduce the numbers of babies dying each year.

Please take time to find out more about the foundation, Jude, those involved and the events that are organised each year to raise money to help save babies lives.

Life After Loss ~ Life After Loss is here to help anyone affected by the loss of a baby. We provide support and information to those who have been through the death of a baby at any stage of pregnancy, or early in life, for any reason.

Our headquarters is in Northern Ireland, and many of our events and activities are also held in Northern Ireland. However we do carry out a substantial amount of work with Warrington Hospital, and are always looking for ways to expand our support network throughout the UK. Indeed, the support forum has given support to members from all across the UK and Worldwide.

A Child Of Mine ~ A Child Of Mine is a UK organisation which helps and supports anyone affected by the death of a child. The organisation’s website is a valuable resource for bereaved families.

Angel Gowns ~ Angel Gowns is a UK non profit organisation run solely by volunteers to ensure that families, at a time of insurmountable loss and confusion, are provided free of charge with an Angel Gown, created lovingly by the Angel Gowns for Angel Babies seamstresses from wedding gowns to farewell bereaved families treasured angels.

Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity) ~ Sands supports anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth.  They offer emotional support and information for parents, grandparents, siblings, children, families and friends, health professionals and others.

Winston’s Wish ~ Winston’s Wish was set up in 1992 to meet the needs of bereaved children, young people and their families.

Bliss ~ Bliss is a UK charity working to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families.

The Lullaby Trust  ~ The Lullaby Trust provides specialist support for bereaved families and anyone affected by a sudden infant death.

Child Funeral Charity ~ Child Funeral Charity (CFC) assists families financially in England and Wales who have to arrange a funeral for a baby or child aged 16 or under.

The Miscarriage Association ~ If you have been affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy, we hope you will find here the information and support that you need to help you through.

Bereavement Trust Helplines ~ (English, Chinese and Asian languages)

Babyloss ~ The Babyloss website provides information and support online for anyone affected by the death of a baby during pregnancy, at birth, or shortly afterwards.

Tommy’s ~ Tommy’s exists to save babies’ lives by funding research and providing information on the causes and prevention of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.

Kicks Count ~ Raising awareness of the risks surrounding the later stages of pregnancy. This site empowers Mums with knowledge and confidence during their pregnancy and teaches them the importance of monitoring baby’s movements.

Tamba BSG ~ The Bereavement Support Group of  TAMBA, the Twins And Multiple Births Association.

Cruse Bereavement Care ~ Counselling services specialising in bereavement and loss.

Child Bereavement Charity ~ A UK based charity that aims to help both children coping with bereavement and families coping with the loss of a child.

ARC ~ ARC is the only national charity which provides non-directive support and information to expectant and bereaved parents throughout and after the antenatal screening and testing process.

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope ~ Faces of Loss, Faces of  Hope is a place for women to come together and share their stories and their faces with others who may be looking for reassurance that they are not alone in experiencing  a baby loss.

Baby MPS (Mailing Preference Service) online ~ This is a free site where parents can register online to stop or at least reduce baby-related mailings of samples, offers, advertisements etc.

International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) ~ The ISA is an alliance of member organisations and individual supporters working towards stillbirth prevention and improvement of bereavement care worldwide.

Multiple Births Foundation (MBF) ~ Support and information for families with twins and higher multiple births, including support around bereavement and information for professionals.



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