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CherylRemember My Baby’ (RMB) is a non-profit registered charity created by professional photographers for the benefit of bereaved parents across the UK. Our goal is to have baby remembrance photography offered as a choice in every hospital and birth centre across the UK.

RMB offers its sincere  condolences to families who are unexpectedly starting their journey through grief after the loss of their baby. Losing a child at any stage, whether this be through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal or infant death or of any age is one of the most traumatic experiences any one can go through.

RMB offers a free gift of baby remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby either before, during or shortly after birth.  By offering sensitive and beautiful remembrance photography we hope that the small gift we can provide to families will bring some comfort in the days, months and many, many years to come. It can also help parents with the grief and healing process.

Photographs are one of the most tangible mementos that parents can have.  These portraits will honour a tiny life that is always loved and cherished and never forgotten.

A RMB Volunteer Photographer will come to the hospital or birth centre and carry out a sensitive, portrait session for a family in need.  Parents are provided with professionally edited images on a USB memory stick free of charge.  A copyright release is included allowing the parents to print images for their own personal, non commercial use at an outlet of their choice.

All RMB Volunteer Photographers are vetted upon application.  They give up their time free and use their professional skills free of charge.  Whilst all efforts are made to find a RMB Photographer to fulfill requests, unfortunately, we may not have guaranteed availability.

Also, please note that in general, 24 weeks gestation is the minimum gestational age that a RMB photographer will attend. However, it will be at the discretion of the individual RMB photographer whether they attend an earlier loss. Advice from the midwife regarding the condition of the baby, especially with an early loss is hugely valuable in helping a photographer make a judgement about whether or not they are able to capture images of value to the parents. For example, it may only be possible to capture limited images if the baby is in poor condition due to the reason for the loss, or how long before delivery the baby passed away.

If you take up the offer of  a RMB remembrance portrait session, we would like to invite you to select an image from the session to have displayed on our RMB ‘Wall of Remembrance’ along with a special message in honour of your baby.

Also, RMB respects that not every parent has had the opportunity to have their baby photographed by one of our volunteer photographers. In these circumstances we can offer a digital retouching service. We ask you to select 2 or 3 images you would like us to edit, but please be aware, while we will do our best to edit images, the finished results will depend upon the quality of the images you provide. Please then contact us via [email protected] and we will tell you the best way to send us your images.

As we are all volunteers, please allow several weeks for your images to be edited by one of our volunteer photographers. You will then be emailed a link to the final edited images.




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