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A thank you from Sienna’s parents

We mostly meet families who are grieving, or are about to start grieving, but very occasionally, against the odds… very poorly babies defy their prognosis and they stay longer than expected.

We’ve had a lovely update on baby Sienna, mum Sarah sent us a recent picture, which appears below with some from their session, provided by RMB Co-founder Cheryl Johnson.

We hope they have many more days to capture Sienna.

“Dear Cheryl,

I picked up the photos from the post office today as was out when they were delivered yesterday.

We just wanted to thank you for your time, and kindness and for travelling up to St Thomas to take the photos of Sienna and us.

The photos and the slideshow are absolutely beautiful and we are so grateful we were given the opportunity to have some precious moments captured by yourself and your amazing service.

I just wanted to give you an update of our roller coaster journey so far…….

You and your wonderful service were contacted by St Thomas as we had been given devastating news that Sienna would not survive once the ventilator had been turned off.

Sienna’s ventilator was turned off Saturday 8th July, to our surprise she continued to breathe without the ventilator and on Monday 10th July we asked if it would be possible to have Sienna transferred nearer to home, we were told that Sienna still did not have long in this world.

On Tuesday 11th July, Sienna was transferred to Little Havens Childrens Hospice in Benfleet, Essex, for end of life care. Sienna continued to surprise and show her true strength and determination and began to get slightly stronger on a daily basis.

On Tuesday 25th July we had a big meeting at the Hospice to discuss the possibility of taking Sienna home, this meeting was successful and all the support networks available to us were present.

We were able to bring Sienna home on Thursday 27th July when she was 4 weeks old. Sienna remains very stable and comfortable which is all James and I want for her, is to remain comfortable.

We still have no idea of Sienna’s life expectancy or how disabled she may be, but we are just trying to enjoy her as much as we can and be the best mummy and daddy that we can be.

Last thursday I took Sienna to Lakeside Shopping Centre so now she is a proper Essex Girl that she has been to lakeside!! he he!

Again, thank you for the beautiful photos, we will treasure them forever and I will put them in frames. Your service is amazing and I had no idea that this kind of service was available, it is just incredible. Thank you so much!

I hope you do not mind me sending a little update of Sienna.
Take care.

Love Sarah, James and Sienna x”

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And finally, last but not least, if you are not all cookied out.

A chocolate chip variety was enjoyed at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, by Bereavement Midwife Rosanne Gunn-Russell and 2 of her colleagues! These were delivered by Lesley Johnson, a regular visitor to this as well as other London hospitals in the line of her Volunteer role with RMB.

Thank you so much to our bakers, our volunteers and to the health professionals who support us in helping the families in their care.

Clearly there is scope for a Remember My Baby Bake Off! Perhaps for 2018? We’ll wait and see!

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More cookies delivered to St Thomas’ & Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Some time later, more cookies delivered to St Thomas’ & Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Westminster, who have been involved with RMB since the beginning and any celebrations would not have been right without them. Bereavement Midwife Zahra Famili and lots of the Neonatal team helped make the day special.

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