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Another sad milestone reached

Right in the middle of Babyloss Awareness Week, Remember My Baby has reached another milestone.

We have now had the honour and privilege of meeting one thousand five hundred families, to whom remembrance photography has been gifted, free of charge from Volunteer Photographers across the UK.

1,500 families.

We are so grateful for our incredible Volunteers who are so selfless, showing a deep generosity of spirit, meeting families in the darkest days of their lives, and capturing the most precious images a family will have of their lost baby.

We are so grateful for the MWs and other Health Professionals who look after these families and make them aware of RMB’s free service.

We are also grateful for our Volunteer Digital Retouchers who assist many of our Photographers and also edit non-RMB images for parents for whom RMB came too late, or who were not aware of the service we provide.

Just over 3 years, around 230 volunteers, over 130 hospitals, hospices and funeral homes, and 1,500 families.

Our hearts break.

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A bereaved mother’s lovely account of midwives

Clair is married to Huw her rock (together 27 years) and she is a mum to 4 boys… Aiden, baby no 2 was stillborn at 39 weeks in 2005.

“So… #babyloss. As promised, here is the start of my awareness posts this week… I usually go all out with statistics and real stories and how to help people when a baby dies, etc… This year is going to be different! This year isn’t going to be so much about the grief and trauma and sadness that stays with you forever. This year is going to be about the positive things I’ve discovered in the world since going through a parents worst nightmare…

Now I’m not totally losing the plot here, well not today! And by no means am I saying that dreadful phrase “Everything happens for a reason.” I guess I’m just reflecting and feeling greatful…

So onto my point…

When your baby dies, your world literally falls apart. Hopes, dreams, plans, all come crashing down and absolutely nothing feels real! You don’t know what you want, what you think, what’s best, what’s the right thing to do, to feel, to say. There’s nothing except numbness and shear hope and prayers (if you’re that way inclined) that someone was wrong or it’s all a dream…

Yet you have choices to make… Really bloody important ones! Go home and wait for labour or have an induction… Pain relief or not… Post mortem or not…. Blood tests? Cremation or burial… Which funeral home? Blessing for the baby or not… name? How do u want the baby delivered?… Do u want to see him? How long will we stay? How the hell do we tell parents, friends, family and our 5 year old? How on earth do we start to make these choices when all you really want is your baby to start wriggling again?

Well this is how… I was very lucky and had an amazing team of midwives to help us through… They were caring, considerate, sensitive, patient and understanding…

From finding out our baby had died right the way through to saying goodbye, they were brilliant… I genuinely couldn’t have asked for better support and let’s be fair this isn’t why these women do this job!

They really want the joy of saying congratulations and helping women through the miracle of childbirth.. None of them come to work anticipating having to deliver such an unhappy outcome. This also isn’t the only baby they’re delivering during their shift. So going from us to a live birth to a complicated delivery to emergencies and back to us must be such an emotional and physical drain. You would never know what faces these superwomen outside of your room and all with long hours and no time to even wee/eat/drink in a 12 hour shift.

So today, I’m grateful beyond words for those women who train as midwives and help mums like me through the worst times as well as the best times and give their all to support us and our partners by asking the difficult questions.. helping us make a decision we won’t regret, taking the footprints and handprints, photographs and measurements, holding our hands, giving hugs and even crying with us.

I’m super grateful for awesome strong midwives who battle through all the difficulties in their shift and still find the strength to come back and do it all again tomorrow with a smile on their faces. xx


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RMB secures a one place in the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon charity ballot


We are pleased to announce that Remember My Baby has secured one place in the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon charity ballot.

This is our first year of applying, so we are thrilled that we have been given this fabulous opportunity not only to raise funds for our charity, but also to further raise awareness about RMB too.

Applications for this place are now invited. So if you would like to be considered to represent RMB at the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon please read the information below for further details on how to register your interest.

Please note that all applications must be sent to [email protected] by midnight on Saturday 21st October 2017.

Thank you.

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Fundraising in memory of our daughter Isabelle by Annette

We hear from one of RMB’s families who have raised funds for us in memory of their daughter Isabelle. Annette wasn’t a runner by any means but committed to a 5k and a target – read on about her success and the final amazing total!

“I gave birth to my angel baby Isabelle on the 13th February 2016. It was the worse pain I have ever felt. Even now writing her name, tears are streaming down my face. After giving birth a midwife told us about Remember My Baby and the professional photos they provide. At first I wasn’t so sure, I thought it would be weird to take pictures of her but I’m so glad we got them.

Cheryl from Remember My Baby came to the hospital and she was so kind and professional. She took some lovely pictures some including my 3 year old daughter. After leaving the hospital I was determined to keep Isabelle’s memory alive. My dad helped me plant some flowers in a corner of our garden and we call it Isabelle’s garden. I got pictures printed and put a big one up of her in our living room. We see her everyday in our house and my little girl always talks about her sister.

Anything I did never seemed enough, we would never be able to hold her, hear her laugh, cry or see her take her first steps. All I could do was remember her the way she was born, peaceful and beautiful.

I wanted to do something positive in her memory and that’s when I thought about fundraising for Remember My Baby. So I signed up to a 5k run and started training, I have never been very good at running so I was excited to challenge myself. I advertised on Facebook and my husband sent a lot of emails out to friends and colleagues. It was overwhelming to see all the donations coming in, in less than 24 hours we had surpassed the target of £675. Now the total exceeds £2300.

On the day of the run I was a bit nervous and emotional, I ran with my brother and a friend and had other family cheering us on as we ran around. We ran it in 39 minutes, I hope to keep it up and try a 10k next. It felt amazing to do such a wonderful thing in Isabelle’s name and I’m glad that this money will go on to provide beautiful photos for other families.

I am so grateful to Remember my Baby for providing me with long lasting memories.”

Wow! Well done to Annette and her brother and friend! We are so grateful to receive both positive feedback and also such a generous gesture and total amount raised. Amazing!

If you are interested in following Annette’s example, please email [email protected] for assistance.

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The Wave of Light on 15th October 2017

Each year between 9th – 15th October, Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place whereby parents, their families and friends acknowledge and remember their precious babies who have passed away.

Baby Loss Awareness Week also provides a chance for people to talk openly about the subject of baby loss, which sadly in today’s society is still seen as a taboo topic of conversation.

It is also an opportunity to help raise awareness of the emotional impact of pregnancy and baby loss, and the scale of the tragedy, which sadly affects up to one in five families in the UK.

The Wave of Light is the culmination of a week of remembering and commemorating our lost little ones at 7.00pm on the 15th October creating a wave of light that travels across the world.

Wherever you are, please join us at 7.00pm on 15th October and light a candle in memory of babies all over the world who have passed away.

Thank you.

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