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A couple’s heart-break at daughter’s stillbirth

Only two weeks after losing their baby girl Maggie, this family have plans to raise funds and awareness for the benefit of others going through similar heartache in the future. Inspiring.

We’re grateful to our Volunteer Photographer, Emma, for being able to attend.

You can read more about Maria’s and Stewart’s baby loss story by clicking HERE.

We wish Maria and Stuart comfort and healing.




Remembering Baby ~ an Exhibition

Co-founder Nicky Heppenstall attended an exhibition this week, helping to explore baby loss and child loss and break the taboo.

“The clue is in the title – Remembering Baby – the opposite of forgetting baby, which used to be the way such loss was approached, as if that life never happened, never existed and never mattered. As a member of a club nobody expects or wants to join, the exhibits resonated with my own experience of loss and the fact that my beautiful daughter, who never took a breath, is just as big a part of my life as my living breathing children are.”

The exhibition is currently on in London and Sheffield but has been so well received that there are plans for it to travel, which it absolutely should.

The wooden boxes contain items (not originals, but similar) which mean something to a person who has suffered a loss, or to a health professional who deals with baby loss – for example, a music player whose owner is a mortuary technician who sings to the deceased babies in their care, and a music box which plays in the viewing room adjacent to the mortuary when a family come to see their lost baby; footprints, baby-grows, a lock of hair, which are more obvious mementos, a stillbirth certificate, a toy dinosaur because that was their son’s nursery theme….

A video plays (featuring actors) where health professionals (a pathologist, an obstetrician) speak about the families they meet and how they look after them and their babies “Of course you remember cases. I remember all my babies, some ones more than others.

It is clear that remembering a lost baby is incredibly important. People have attended workshops run by the team behind Remembering Baby where they have been able to explore their memories and create items that represent those memories in a tangible way. An impression scrunched into paper of a baby cardigan, framed in a box frame is so simple but so effective a way of capturing something tangible.

We sincerely hope to see this exhibition tour across the UK.

For more information about the exhibition please click HERE.

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Today is International Volunteer Day

We’d like to thank all of our incredible #volunteer #photographers for giving up their time and using their skill to capture special images for grieving parents. We’d also like to thank our digital retouching #volunteers for giving their time to edit both RMB and non-RMB images for the benefit of parents who cherish every pixel.

We’d like to invite you to watch a short film in which a handful of RMB volunteers talk about what moves them to do what we do.

Then we’d like to invite you to #volunteer your time and skill too – photographers and digital retouchers needed to build upon our success and meet the growing demand.

Make a difference, volunteer now, become part of something amazing.

Please visit our website to apply online to become a Volunteer Photographer or to apply to become a Digital Retoucher.

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Be part of something amazing

Photographers! Have you read Will Cheung’s review of the Samsung SSD T5? It’s on page 55 of this month’s issue of Professional Photo, but more importantly, our advert is on the opposite page.

Have you submitted your application yet?

Please click  HERE to find out more information about volunteering for us as a photographer.

Be part of something amazing.

Good luck!

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RMB Needs You

If you are a regular reader of Professional Photo, you may have spotted that we’re appealing for photographers to volunteer.

Our first application has now been received – perhaps her reasons for wanting to get involved might help YOU make up your mind.

“I was deeply moved by your advert and felt I could identify with RMB’s work.

As well as being a wedding photographer, I am a community nurse and also have lost many pregnancies.

Consequently this role touches me on many levels, professionally, vocationally and personally.

As a nurse I am acutely aware of the confidentiality, sensitivity and professionalism required for work like this.

To have such a devastating event documented must provide great comfort to these parents. I have friends who’ve benefited from this. I also have geriatric patients who never got to see their lost babies, let alone spend time with them, and live with that grief their entire lives. Even in their 80’s and 90’s these women talk to me about their profound loss and still feel enormous grief on remembering it.

I believe whole heartedly that the culture around this subject must change and RMB is evidently playing an important role in recognising that and actually making a difference.

If I don’t meet the standards you’re looking for, then I would just like to say how much admiration I have for what this charity does and that it has affected me profoundly to even consider what you do. Incredible.”

Please click HERE for more information about becoming a RMB Volunteer Photographer.

Issue 139 on sale now.

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