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RMB’s Retouching Service

We hope you are all aware of our Remembrance Photography service, free of charge, from a growing network of amazing volunteers who respond at short notice to requests for a photographer.

However, we also offer a retouching service free of charge. We have a team of dedicated digital retouchers who will edit RMB images where perhaps the volunteer has back to back bookings and can carry out a session, but is not able to meet the editing and delivery deadline. They also carry out a small number of more technically challenging edits such as removal of tubes after a NICU session.

But the other side of the digital retouchers’ role is to edit non-RMB images – photos which may have been taken by parents, family, or a midwife because the family were not aware of RMB, or we don’t yet have cover in their area, or perhaps their loss occurred before we were formed back in 2014.

One of our volunteer DRs has another connection to bereavement, we’d like to introduce you to Andy Eeley from Leicestershire. Andy is a Funeral Director and was recently interviewed about his job, and also talked about his volunteer role within Remember My Baby.

If you would like to apply to become a Digital Retoucher please click HERE for more information.



Making Memories… Part Two by Kirsty Nguyen

Capturing memories is at the heart of what we do here at RMB. Given the tiny window in which to record every detail, we are accustomed to moving quickly from the initial request for a volunteer, to a volunteer arriving at a hospital and meeting a family.

Our volunteers are amongst the very small group of people who actually have the privilege of meeting the baby. It is an honour to be allowed into the family’s circle for a brief time.

How did you go about making memories with your baby?

Please click HERE to read part two of Kirsty Nguyen’s blog about losing her daughter Holly.

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Anymore for a cookie?

Somewhat late to the cookie party, but our volunteer from Hampshire, Jo Littler, took this beautiful batch into the maternity ward at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth and shared the love with Midwives Lucy Galloway, Georgie Harris, Nicki Meale, Linda Weston, Vicky Hanslip, Mel Say and Sally Griffiths.

They looked too good to eat, but were clearly absolutely delicious!

We really value the tremendous support we get from the lovely midwives and NICU nurses and other health professionals in providing our service to the families in their care. Awesomeness.


A thank you from Sienna’s parents

We mostly meet families who are grieving, or are about to start grieving, but very occasionally, against the odds… very poorly babies defy their prognosis and they stay longer than expected.

We’ve had a lovely update on baby Sienna, mum Sarah sent us a recent picture, which appears below with some from their session, provided by RMB Co-founder Cheryl Johnson.

We hope they have many more days to capture Sienna.

“Dear Cheryl,

I picked up the photos from the post office today as was out when they were delivered yesterday.

We just wanted to thank you for your time, and kindness and for travelling up to St Thomas to take the photos of Sienna and us.

The photos and the slideshow are absolutely beautiful and we are so grateful we were given the opportunity to have some precious moments captured by yourself and your amazing service.

I just wanted to give you an update of our roller coaster journey so far…….

You and your wonderful service were contacted by St Thomas as we had been given devastating news that Sienna would not survive once the ventilator had been turned off.

Sienna’s ventilator was turned off Saturday 8th July, to our surprise she continued to breathe without the ventilator and on Monday 10th July we asked if it would be possible to have Sienna transferred nearer to home, we were told that Sienna still did not have long in this world.

On Tuesday 11th July, Sienna was transferred to Little Havens Childrens Hospice in Benfleet, Essex, for end of life care. Sienna continued to surprise and show her true strength and determination and began to get slightly stronger on a daily basis.

On Tuesday 25th July we had a big meeting at the Hospice to discuss the possibility of taking Sienna home, this meeting was successful and all the support networks available to us were present.

We were able to bring Sienna home on Thursday 27th July when she was 4 weeks old. Sienna remains very stable and comfortable which is all James and I want for her, is to remain comfortable.

We still have no idea of Sienna’s life expectancy or how disabled she may be, but we are just trying to enjoy her as much as we can and be the best mummy and daddy that we can be.

Last thursday I took Sienna to Lakeside Shopping Centre so now she is a proper Essex Girl that she has been to lakeside!! he he!

Again, thank you for the beautiful photos, we will treasure them forever and I will put them in frames. Your service is amazing and I had no idea that this kind of service was available, it is just incredible. Thank you so much!

I hope you do not mind me sending a little update of Sienna.
Take care.

Love Sarah, James and Sienna x”

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